Toward traditional marketing 2.0?

In this digital era, it can be tempting to focus all our marketing efforts on the Web. Natural referencing, online campaigns, a social network presence, a transactional Web site… These are indeed all excellent means to contact your target public. More “traditional” advertising (such as a sign by the highway, a television or radio commercial, mass advertising in a newspaper or magazine) offers 3 great advantages:

1) Real value for consumers

When consumers see something concrete, such as a sign or an advertisement in the newspaper, they tend to associate the brands with greater global quality. This is explained in particular by the fact that today, anyone can create a Facebook page or an Instagram account. Creating a marketing campaign on the social networks is of value however the campaign may not necessarily have the same “aura” of quality.

2) Increased visibility

Quite frankly, it is not all consumers who use social networks or even the Internet! The elderly, for example, who have never used a computer in their life cannot be influenced by an online campaign. By focusing on more traditional media, you ensure that your company gets greater visibility with consumers that represent a large part of the population.

3) Greater credibility

This point is complementary to the previous one. In fact, the belief that only “large” renowned companies use television, radio and newspaper advertisements persists in the population. Therefore, a company (regardless of size) that has well-developed advertising during the peak listening times will be viewed as serious and will gain more credibility.

Hence, we recommend that you don’t put all your efforts in the same basket by concentrating only on the Web. Of course, an online campaign tends to be less expensive and “easier” to realize than a more traditional campaign. However, it will not offer the same visibility as a campaign that focuses on all available advertising platforms. One thing is certain, traditional media are far from becoming extinct.

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