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« Success smiles at those
able to make the impossible
possible. »

The experienced CMG team will do everything to realize your project.

Whether it is to take control of your media placement and communication strategies, plan your advertising campaigns, revamp your brand image or create a Web marketing strategy, we are committed to help you succeed.

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Our projects
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CMG is always in search of new ideas and strives to make each project unique and authentic. This requires vast knowledge and lots of creativity. Here are some of our projects, and you can also tell us about yours!

Media Strategy

Media placement is much more than choosing the right media. It is also purchasing media space, negotiation, strategy and the art of transmitting the right message. We can coordinate it all for you.

Web Marketing

Website, Google AdWords, Newsletter, Blog, Social network strategy. With the immensity of the Web, a digital marketing strategy can be difficult to develop. CMG can help you to find the right path for your company.


Graphic design, brand image, advertising design and creation, logos, photos, videos… regardless of the support or the mandate, we can deliver! Our creativity will increase your visibility in a vast world of advertisements.

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